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Batman Automobilia # 13 : DETECTIVE COMICS # 601


This item including packaging is in excellent condition, However please note that due to the fact the magazine is packaged with the vehicle, minor creases to the magazine are common.

With Batman Automobilia Part 13 from the Batman Automobilia Collection, this futuristic Batmobile from Detective Comics #601 is the design driven by both Bruce Wayne and Jean-Paul Valley through the unforgettable Knightfall saga.
This fantastic Batmobile from the Detective Comics #601 was one of the most advanced versions of the famous car. It was a high-performance vehicle capable of amazing bursts of speed and filled with high-tech accessories to help Batman’s fight against crime. This Batmobile comes with the iconic bat symbol, scratch resistant paint, rear cameras and fin stabilisers.
Scale: 1:43
Height: 7.4 cm
Length: 18.3 cm
Width: 10.9 cm
Material: Die-Cast

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